Medical Video Production

WeighUnder Explainer Video

WeighUnder is a physician run medical practice located in Voorhees, NJ devoted to helping patients improve their health by achieving safe and effective weight loss. At WeighUnder, they specialize in INDIVIDUAL treatment and focused care. They tailor a weight loss plan for you based on preferences, medical history, and test results. As you progress and succeed with your weight loss journey, they are there with you every step of the way, and may at times alter the medical plan as needed for your body to adapt to weight loss. In doing so, continued progress and success is assured!

WeighUnder Testimonials

WeighUnder was co-founded by both Dr. Articolo and Dr. Mackey to help, treat, and provide a supportive environment for their patients in their weight loss journey. They are passionate about their mission, and their patients. They believe in the value of open and honest communication, creating a warm and welcoming environment. They take the time to listen.

LifeSpan Care Management

Michael Newell, founder of LifeSpan Care Management, a ten-year-old firm that assists clients, their families, and their trusted advisors. LifeSpan specializes in complex medical issues, attending doctor appointments, care conferences, performing insurance appeals, finding alternative health providers when requested, and quality controlling the hands-on health providers.

Halo Health International

Ellen Magenheim from Halo Health International, a company that helps your friends and neighbors live healthier lives through education. Halo Health International places digital education systems in physician offices, health care facility waiting areas, hospitals and waiting rooms. Halo Health International educates in short bursts with memorable stats and fun videos – all with the goal of improving the communication between you and your doctor. Some topics include diabetes, obesity, nutrition, and asthma and national campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Smoking Cessation, and Red Dress.

American CryoStem

John Arnone, CEO of American Cryostem talks about his business and his development of a clinical platform for adult stem cell processing and cryopreservation. We have developed a streamlined and affordable core processing platform to cryopreserve Adult Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) and Adipose Tissue (AT) for future autologous cellular treatments and therapies. The Adipose Derived Stem Cells (also known as mesenchymal/stromal cells) are prepared and cryopreserved in their raw form without manipulation, bio-generation or the addition of biomarkers or other materials, making them suitable for use in regenerative medicine offered by existing and planned cellular treatment centers worldwide.

Nanion Technologies

The Nanion team has developed and globally established eight generations of highly successful automated instrumentation for assessing the electrophysiological profiles of cells. The data that is produced is routinely used in the drug development process for investigating both neurobiological and cardiotoxic compounds and their effects on healthy human cells. Nanion has sold thousands of instruments to both academic universities and pharmaceutical companies worldwide and we have been continuously expanding the company in NJ ever since.


The university’s marketing department had CVP produce a six minute recruitment video UMDNJ Means… for new students. The video was instrumental in raising admission applications of prospective students as the production used current student interviews to tell the story of how the institution’s unique offerings helped to prepare them for the medical & dental healthcare industries. CVP also produced A Code of Conduct Video which was distributed on dvd, website, and video email to all offices on appropriate behavior and ethics throughout the six campuses in the state.


Creative Visual Productions has been twice awarded a preferred vendor contract for UMDNJ in Digital Design & Video Production Services in 2007 and once again in 2011. The award enabled Creative Visual Productions to produce two documentaries around William F. Owen, Jr., MD’s investiture as the fourth president of The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Several other departments within the University have used Creative Visual Productions dvd and Blu-ray duplication and tape conversion services.