From Analog to Cutting Edge Digital

Creative Visual Productions, a division of Creative Video, provides forward thinking solutions to corporations that want to capitalize on new opportunities now available on the internet, social media, video & mobile platforms. In today’s multimedia driven society more companies are realizing on a daily basis that they need a reliable firm with superior talent to supply them with state of the art digital services. CVP is your full service corporate video production and website design company. With visually stimulating production and targeted branding, Creative Visual Productions is the choice your business can rely upon to give your project award winning digital marketing services.

CVP started in 1993 with one 3/4SP tape to tape edit suite and 3 SVHS Camcorders. The company specialized in video yearbook and souvenir videos of major events. In 1994 the company landed its’ first clients and produced souvenir videos for University of Pennsylvania Commencement Week, Penn State Dance Marathon(THON), The USF&G Sugar Bowl Music Festival, The Toyota Gator Bowl Music Festival , The St. Jude Liberty Bowl Music Festival, The George N Parks Drum Major Academy, The Festival of Gold Choral Festival and The Blockbuster Bowl Music Festival.

CVP has produced more edited per minute video than any other facility on the east coast as we start our 25th year October 1, 2017. Over five-thousand productions, two-hundred thousand DVDs replicated and ten-thousand Petabytes of video footage has been edited since 1993. CVP expanded its’ digital marketing services to include website design, graphic design and transfer services in 2002. In the last three years CVP has become a Google partner for PPC, launched the Content Outreach Program, Championed Vidbi and greatly expanded our Search Engine Optimization capabilities.

Video for The Late Michael Jackson

One of CVP’s big crown jewels came when Sony Music hired CVP to make a video for the release of the late Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits CD, History. Michael loved the video that documented the CD manufacturing process and clips from the video aired on MTV to help promote the CD.

Creative Visual Productions was contracted by Sony Music to create an instructional video for Michael Jackson called “The Making of History”, detailing the manufacturing process of his greatest hits History CD. Creative Visual Productions documented on video the technical process of how the CDs are mastered and replicated. From the delivery of the tape masters, to glass mastering, quality control testing and distribution, Creative Visual Productions had the employees from each department explain on videotape their role in the entire manufacturing process. Michael Jackson and Epic Records liked the video so much that they used clips of the video on MTv to promote the album.

Sony Music landed Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits “History” project and asked Creative Visual Productions to
produce a manufacturing process video to show Michael Jackson a behind the scenes look of how the CD’s are made. Creative Visual Productions did a masterful job of using our own employees involved in the day-to-day process and each person’s role. Michael loved the video and used selected segments which aired on MTV.

Mike Reyder


Today CVP has an entire array of digital marketing services that are centered around business online video, website & graphic design and social media strategy. The most important strengths and core competencies of the company are the professional quality level of the work, decades of experience affordable pricing and quick turnaround. These are the factors that continue to make the company succeed after twenty-four years. Ten computer editing suites, fifteen professional camcorders, seven music libraries, five animated graphics packages, a green screen studio, a duplication center and eight video to DVD transfer stations. We are constantly researching technology to make sure we have the most reliable, cost efficient equipment, that works at high speeds delivering the top-notch service our clients demand. Our MTV editing style with quick cuts, high energy music and the incorporation of quick sound-bites from interviews is our refined platform that helps organizations communicate their message in an effective and entertaining way with shrinking attention spans among the population.

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Our Production Director brings a diverse thirty-five years of experience in advertising, video and major-market television. He comes from an old-school era where people read books, newspapers, listened to eight track tapes, records, audio tapes all in an analog environment. As the world quickly changed after college, he transformed himself into a digital multimedia expect which gives him greater creative ability to think out of the box and be more innovative. His experiences include:

*very fast-paced newsrooms and production studios for NBC, CBS and ABC Affiliates.
*developing a format and video production plan for one of the first home shopping networks.
*twice in charge of a TV studio set-up for George Bush before each presidential debate.
*In charge of a TV studio setup for Dan Quayle before vice-presidential debate.
*became highly recommended to offices on Capitol Hill from many Senate staffs and Supreme Court Justice William Brennan.
*trained foreign journalists and correspondents in techniques of Network TV News Production in the editing booth.

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