Attorney Videotape Transfer Services in South Jersey

Attorney Videotape Transfer Services in South Jersey

Creative Visual Productions offers attorney videotape transfer services in South Service along with a whole array of other video production services. CVP provides video production services for lawyers which include videotaping, video editing and video transfer services. One of our most popular attorney videotape transfer services in South Jersey is our same day DVD and CD duplication services.

For over two decades CVP has been offering Attorney Videotape Transfer Services VHS to DVD transfer services. Today we are now offering over eighty formats in video, audio, film and computer file transfers. All the work is done in house at our 26 Colonial Avenue Studios in West Deptford, NJ for our Attorney Videotape Transfer Services.

In this day and age a lot of court cases daily rely on video evidence, video depositions, the use of surveillance video, and Attorney Videotape Transfer Services. CVP can quickly edit, transfer or duplicate those files to the correct format that can be easily played in a courtroom with our Attorney Videotape Transfer Services.

A lot of area law offices use our attorney videotape transfer services in South Jersey on a weekly basis. A law office can call and schedule an appointment the night before or in many cases on the same day. A driver will arrive with the DVDs or CDs and wait as we duplicate them on the spot. It can take as little as ten minutes for our Attorney Videotape Transfer Services.

An attorney or prosecutor may have a two hour videotape or computer file that they only need one section to show just for seconds or a minute. CVP can quickly grab the portion they need to show and author it onto a DVD or computer file such as a mpeg4 file for a PC or a mov file for Mac. CVP can then make multiple copies if it has to be filed several places or just to have a backup.

Recently we have added many new services to our attorney transfer services in South Jersey such as slide and negative conversion to digital, microfilm and microfiche to digital and Advantex APS slides & negatives conversion to digital files. In March CVP has completed designing and building a high fidelity audio sweetening conversion suite with many more audio transfer capabilities.

Once your media conversion is complete, CVP will print your title or DVD screen onto the surface of the DVD for a professional look. For computer file transfers in our Attorney Videotape Transfer Services we can move the files onto an external hard drive, a USB stick, have you download them from our client FTP server, or even email them to you when complete.

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