Bowl Games of America (BGA)

Bowl Games of America

For over two decades, Creative Visual Productions has been producing Souvenir DVDS for several of the major college bowl games such as The BCS Championship Game, Discover Orange Bowl, Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl and Allstate Sugar Bowl. Capturing most of the major events on video surrounding these bowl games and transforming the footage into customized dvds for the pregame and halftime casts has been an amazing project for Creative Visual Productions . Each participant receives a 1 to 2 hour dvd of their trip in their travel package. The dvd is a behind-the-scenes look at the halftime rehearsals, cast interviews, participation in the field show competition, new years’ eve party, bowl game parade, sightseeing and the performances in the stadium covered with 5 camera angles. Creative Visual Productions also produces 24 x 36 commemorative posters of bowl game week that are available for sale to the participants.

Creative Visual Productions has also produced all of BGA’s video recruitment materials. From BGA Supercharged which highlights the eight bowl game opportunities and the three major parades options of McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Chicago, Hollywood Christmas Parade and The IPL Festival 500 Parade the weekend of the Indy 500 to creating video emails for each of their events that can be blasted to thousands of prospective clients at a time. Creative Visual Productions has also provided photography services at the music festival during bowl week.

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