Creative Visual Productions is at it again, producing a video for another legend. In 1996 we produced a video for Michael Jackson, “The CD Manufacturing Process of His Greatest Hits CD History”, in 2004 it was Bono, “Penn’s 248th Commencement DVD” and in 2016 it is “Coach Denny Douds Celebrating 50 Years Coaching ESU Warrior Football”. Creative Visual Productions has been hard at work going through fifty years of pictures, newspaper clippings, TV and video footage of college football’s All-Time Division II wins leader. CVP has gone through and color–corrected a lot of the video footage from the 1970s and 1980s. The video starts with coach Denny Douds giving the first speech of the 2013 football season after the spring practice. Creative Visual Productions used a professional narrator, interview clips from several coaches and friends of the iconic football coach to highlight his fifty years at East Stroudsburg University. Coach Douds has racked up many awards, accolades and championships over the fifty years as the Warrior Football Coach.

The video takes a closer look at the man and his values. All those interviewed for the video talk about their experiences and what they learned from this great coach over these last fifty years. His philosophy is to teach the whole student, he expects all his players to get good grades, he expects them to display appropriate manners, he expects them to dress well and always master the intricate details on any task. Creative Visual Productions has viewed all the raw footage, strategically placed all the best interviews and covered them with matching B-roll. Adding upbeat music in editing with digital special effects, titles, motion graphics, audio filters and video transitions, this Creative Visual Production will keep viewers engaged and emotionally connected to this great coach, leader and teacher. It takes a special talent to edit down fifty years into a nine minute video. Creative Visual Productions with their 23 years of experience in video and TV is the leader in documentary video in New jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Documentary Video for coach denny douds East Stroudsburg University
Documentary Video for East Stroudsburg University warriors