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Creative Visual Productions covering all your digital marketing needs in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Creative Visual Productions covering all your digital marketing needs in Philadelphia and South Jersey offers clients increased exposure in search engines and targeted online traffic to your website. Leveraging their extensive backgrounds in advertising, design, video, tv, and web development, Creative Visual Productions’ staff is the team that can bring your vision to life. Our services include video production, website design and development, social media strategy, video transfers, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, graphic design, and brand creation. Our Content Outreach Program and Vidbi Video Business Card are new products that deliver timely interactive video content to websites, blogs, email signature lines and social media sites engaging visitors, potential customers, and clients. These platforms offer a turnkey search engine optimization system to get high search rankings on popular sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As a certified Google Partner, Creative Visual Productions the studio covering all your digital marketing needs in Philadelphia and South Jersey is the trusted source for Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, and Google Analytics management. CVP has affordable services for any marketing budget. Creative Visual Productions the studio covering all your digital marketing needs in Philadelphia and South Jersey delivering professional quality with quick turnaround that saves you time and money.

A Vidbi is a one minute, one hundred word explainer video of who you are, what services you offer, what makes you unique and what separates you from your competition. The average price of a Vidbi is a very affordable $750. You are videotaped in one of Creative Visual Productions green screen studios. CVP creates the video to look like your business card during the open and closing seven seconds while you are on screen. Imagine the picture currently on your card coming to life. In the middle of the Vidbi we add pictures and video footage which is called B-roll to help tell your story visually. Once the video editing is complete and the upbeat music soundtrack is edited as background music.

The philosophy at CVP is that a website design for your business needs to be very visual, communicate with the most enticing words possible, and utilize lots of video. It is important that your message is structured and well thought out. If your message is clear, your site will be simple and easy to use. A Vidbi is one of the best communication tools today on the market. Not to mention that when you put a written description with a video it will travel up the search engines 53x faster.

Creative Visual Productions has taken great pride over their twenty three year history to help get client websites to the first page of Google. While we can never promise a company we will get them on the first page of Google, we do have a good track record at it. The challenge is that Google uses approximately 450 different search factors and algorithms when you do a Google search for a term, keyword or business. We know approximately 250 of those ranking factors. Google keeps the rest secret.

Logo creation is one of the new professional graphic design services offered by Creative Visual Productions located at 26 Colonial Avenue, Woodbury, NJ 08096. CVP will have a graphic design team member and a creative director have an introductory logo focus meeting. Our team will meet with your firm to find out your idea and vision. Some of our clients will come in and know exactly what they want and may have brought their own sketches or drawings. After the initial meeting the designer will get to work and present the client in the coming days with several options to look at based on the direction from the logo focus meeting.

For twenty-five years offering the best of video production, website design and development, search engine optimization, social media strategy, professional graphic design services and brand creation. Let us create a campaign to broadcast your message to the masses. Schedule your free consultation today call 856-848-0046.

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