Creative Visual Productions was contracted by Sony Music to create an instructional video for Michael Jackson called “The Making of History”, detailing the manufacturing process of his greatest hits History CD. Creative Visual Productions documented on video the technical process of how the CDs are mastered and replicated. From the delivery of the tape masters, to glass mastering, quality control testing and distribution, Creative Visual Productions had the employees from each department explain on videotape their role in the entire manufacturing process. Michael Jackson and Epic Records liked the video so much that they used clips of the video on MTv to promote the album.

“Sony Music landed Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits “History” project and asked Creative Visual Productions to produce a manufacturing process video to show Michael Jackson a behind the scenes look of how the CD’s are made. Creative Visual Productions did a masterful job of using our own employees involved in the day-to-day process and each person’s role. Michael loved the video and used selected segments which aired on MTV.”

-Mike Reyder

This video was produced for the late Michael Jackson. In 1996 Sony music was awarded the contract through Epic Records to handle the replication and distribution of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits CD “HISTORY”. After a visit from Michael Jackson’s manager and PR people at the Sony Music Plant in Pitman, NJ, the general manager at Sony Music decided to have Creative Visual Productions produce a video explaining the CD manufacturing process to Michael since he couldn’t be present for the plant tour. Creative Visual Productions documented the entire CD manufacturing process on videotape, wrote the script and used interviews with the hands-on employees having them speak directly to Michael explaining their responsibility and role in the process. Michael loved this video produced by Creative Visual Productions and later used portions of it on MTV to help promote sales of the CD.