audio transfer services in woodbury nj

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Need to convert an audio cassette to CD, tape to CD, vinyl record LP to CD, reel to reel to CD or any other type of audio transfer to a wav or mp3 file? Creative Visual productions can transfer a wide range of audio sources in our digital state-of-the-art studios. All the work is done in-house!

During this process we are simultaneously running the audio through an audio mixer and distribution amp to restore the audio best as possible to their original levels or in many cases even improving the original audio levels. Finally CVP will print your title or CD screen onto the surface of the CD for a professional look. Creative Visual Productions offers plenty of packaging options including anything from a library case with a clear full-cover glossy sleeve insert to a plain clear hard plastic jewel case that displays your CD Surface title screen. For computer file transfers we can move the files onto an external hard drive, a USB stick, have you download them from our client FTP server, or email them to you through wetransfer.


  • • Audio Cassette
  • • Vinyl Records RPM33
  • • Vinyl Records RPM45
  • • Vinyl Records RPM78
  • • 8 Track
  • • Reel to Reel
  • • Micro Cassette
  • audio transfer services in woodbury nj

    Magnetic audio cassettes should receive the same kind of care that you would give to a valuable book or important photograph. In general, handle the tapes with care, keep them clean, and apply common sense:

  • • Store magnetic tape reels and cassettes in a clean environment.
  • • Avoid contamination of the tapes by dirt, dust, fingerprints, food, cigarette smoke and ash, and airborne pollutants.
  • • Take care not to drop tapes or cartridges.
  • • Keep tapes out of strong sunlight and avoid contact with water.
  • • Do not store tapes on radiators, window sills, televisions, electronic equipment, or machinery.
  • • When the tapes are not in use, they should be placed back on the storage shelf, and stored on end. They should not be allowed to lay flat (reel flanges parallel with the table top) for extended periods of time.
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      audio transfer services in woodbury nj
      audio transfer services nj