DVD, Blu-ray, and CD Authoring

Whether it’s a small basic screen with a title and a play button, to an elaborate multi-tier motion menu dvd or blu-ray disc with precise chapter stops, multiple menus and bonus features… Creative Visual Productions has authored and duplicated over 250,000 CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-ray discs in the last fifteen years for major clients like Allstate Sugar Bowl, The USSBA, DCI, Discover Orange Bowl, Indy 500, Autozone Liberty Bowl, Valero Alamo Bowl, and McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Creative Visual Productions handles all steps in the process… …from the graphic design artwork for the DVD, CD, or Blu-ray silk screen and menu screens for a unique look or one created to mirror your brand and printed artwork by our experienced creative design team. …to the encoding and authoring of your master video and audio to the highest quality level possible onto the format and disc size you choose for your production by one of our technicians.

Creative Visual Productions uses state-of-the-art programs like Canopus Procoder, Adobe Encore, and Edius to encode and record your video and audio into the highest quality .m2v format for high definition, 16 x 9 standard definition, and 4 x 3 standard definition for your disc master. The programs we use run the master video through multiple passes of encoding to ensure the highest quality of video and audio possible.

All DVD masters are run through quality control testing on multiple systems to ensure the highest quality results are achieved, all features on all discs are working correctly, and a compatible on over fifty brands of set-top devices and computer drives. Editing

Creative Visual Productions holds the distinction of producing the highest quantity of edited video and dvd content over the last twenty-two years on the east coast. From the early days of tape-to-tape editing and A/B roll editing, to the advent of nonlinear editing in the mid-nineties, Creative Visual Productions has produced video on cutting edge software programs such as Panasonic Postbox, Adobe Premiere, Casablanca Kron, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Camtasia, and today Grass Valley Edius software (same as most ABC stations) for the majority of their edit sessions.

Stepping into one of our edit suites with a seasoned editor is like taking a walk down the yellow brick road in Oz with all the bells and whistles our suites today possess. Edius in itself offers menus of thousands of 2d and 3d effects, transitions and filters. With additional built-in effects from Vitascene, Mercalli Expert, Prodad Video Effects, and NewBlue Video Filters, the sky’s the limit of what we can do to enhance your video. We create most of our animated graphics, titles, and animations with Adobe After Effects and have a collection of over 3000 musical arrangements from several music libraries we have licensed.

Just like the video options, our audio capabilities also seem endless. From Dolby 5.1 surround sound to the capability of having 96 individual audio tracks per project, Creative Visual Productions audio engineers use their trained ears to adjust tone control, hi/low frequencies, and utilize parametric and graphic equalizers where needed on productions. Creative Visual Productions also uses programs like Adobe Audition, Soundbooth, and Soundforge to adjust and restore audio to their best levels possible.

Creative Visual Productions specialty is producing documentary and promotional video in an MTV style editing to keep your viewers engaged, entertained, and informed. By using interviews, soundbites, and professional voiceovers with energetic music added to the background, it helps keep everything flowing at a pace that will keep your viewers attention.

The use of b-roll is implemented often to help convey the message of the audio track. Finally using light effects, digital transitions, and animated titles and logos, we spice up your production to solidify your brand and message you wish to communicate. Creative Visual Productions on average produces about 600 hours of professionally edited video per year for many Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest sporting events in the country.

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