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Creative Visual Productions offers outsourced professional video editing services. Since 1993 CVP has been editing, in 1993 it was in an analog environment going tape to tape. In 1996 we purchased our first nonlinear editing system “The Panasonic Postbox” and today we have ten editing suites with the Grass Valley Edius software which is the same program used at a lot of ABC and Fox news stations. All our editing and video production work is done in-house at our studios in Woodbury, NJ.

The quality, affordability and experience are the factors that make our outsourced professional video editing services succeed. Our Most important fundamental strengths and core competencies are in the editing of video. There are so many people that just buy a camcorder and a computer editing system and call themselves a production company. Since 1993, CVP has been working with major brands like The Indy 500, The BCS Championship Game, University of Pennsylvania, The AllState Sugar Bowl, Blogworld & New Media Expo, Discover Orange Bowl, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, and Sony Music. CVP has a facility that is very impressive to clients when they walk in. Ten computer editing suites, fifteen professional camcorders, seven music libraries, five animated graphics packages, a green screen studio, a duplication center, and eight video to DVD transfer stations. Our major competitive strengths are the ability to produce things with a quick turnaround at a very high quality level. We constantly do research to make sure we have the most reliable, cost efficient equipment that works at high speeds delivering all the bells and whistles that make us stand out from the competition. Our MTV editing style with quick cuts, high energy music and the incorporation of quick sound-bites from interviews is our refined platform that helps businesses and organizations communicate their message in an effective and entertaining way. I personally as president bring over thirty years of industry experience. I come from an era where people read and communicated differently. Having the work and life experience of growing up and going to school in a non-digital environment but transforming myself into a digital multimedia expert gives me a greater creative ability to think out of the box and be more innovative.

Corporate, Small Business, Medical, Souvenir, & Personal Memory Video Editing


  • We have highly seasoned editors with decades of experience
  • Video editing in HD
  • We can up-convert original SD video to HD for editing
  • Chroma Key studio and capabilities
  • Incorporation of any video format or pictures
  • Animation added to photos
  • Professionally produced graphic backgrounds
  • Logo Implementation
  • Motion graphics to spice up your presentation
  • Upbeat music which energizes your message
  • Raising your brand to a new level

The Process:

The CVP team will meet with you and any members of your firm in person or by phone to find out your idea and vision. Some of our clients will come in and know exactly what they want and may have brought their own footage or pictures. After the initial meeting our video editor will get to work and present the client in the coming weeks with rough cuts and approval versions to look at based on the direction from the video production focus meeting.
Other clients may need more initial and creative direction help from the Creative Visual Production team. Our professional video editors will show the client previous videos that have been edited to give the customer a choice of what kind of style that they would like to have their video produced in that will best communicate their story or brand’s message.

filmstrip2bEdit Systems: Grass Valley Edius
Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects
Special Effects: Mercalli, Vitascene
Titling: Grass Valley Edius Quick Titler

professional video editing in woodbury nj
Professionally edited videos in south jersey
Professionally edited videos in woodbury new jersey
Professionally edited videos with Edius in south jersey

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