Video Marketing for Private Schools in NJ

Video Marketing for Private Schools in NJ

Video Marketing for Private Schools in NJ

Creative Visual Productions specializes in video marketing for private schools in New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and the continental United States. CVP has produced hundreds of promotional and recruitment videos in our twenty-five year history. Our clients include pre-k, elementary, middle school, technical school, high school, college, university, dental, and medical schools.

CVP uses green screen interviews, broll footage, graphics and animated pictures as best practices for creating a successful marketing message. Along with fast-paced driving music, dazzling special effects and animated logos that are created in the video editing suite, CVP produces high-caliber video for all of our clients. We have the students, teachers, parents and administrators tell their story and we produce it in an entertaining, interesting and informative manner to keep the viewer’s attention.

Our basic rules we follow in the video production process:

• Framing each interviewee with the correct amount of headroom
• Having subject looking at the camera and speaking to the viewer
• Making sure interviewee is animated when speaking

• Using the correct microphone for each situation
• Lavalier lapel mic or shotgun microphone when doing a sit-down interview
• A hand-held mic when conducting a stand-up interview
• Recording in a quiet place away from exhaust fans or motors of any kind

• Taking the time to light each shot and subject properly with three-point lighting
• Using enough light to make the HD video look bright enough
• It is important that the subject not be positioned in front of a light source like a window or door
• Making sure camera is white balanced after each lighting adjustment

• Picking short quick sound-bites that are concise communicating a message
• Using interesting and appropriate broll over interviews
• Keeping all b-roll shots four seconds or less
• Making sure all audio and video are set at correct levels

Creative Visual Productions produces the best university, college and private school video for donor, student recruitment, training, retirement,concerts, social media, promotional and big events like convocation, dance marathons and commencement. Over the last twenty-five years, CVP has also produced class trip, performance tour and band trip souvenir videos at major events such as The Allstate Sugar Bowl, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Orange Bowl, Indy 500, Holiday Bowl, BCS Championship, Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade and the DCI World Championships. Contact Creative Visual Productions for all your private school, technical school, college, university, and pageantry industry needs at 856-848-0046 or visit our website at