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Creative Visual Productions the studio covering all your multimedia needs for 25 years.

For major video production services near me or just a short thirty second explainer video, you are guaranteed a quality experience that will deliver your company great campaign results. CVP prides itself on offering affordable pricing video production services near me while delivering quick high quality turnaround. CVP can deliver assets at all budget ranges starting at $500. Give us a call and we can discuss your project and find the right package for your budget needs. Actually speak to a live person, and if we just happen to all be on the phone, leave a message and we will call you back shortly. Our producers have experience working at all three major networks of NBC, CBS and 6ABC. Creative Visual Productions is the choice of many when it comes to video production services near me.

With our location in Woodbury, NJ, Creative Visual Productions has a green screen studio, eight edit suites, and a duplication department to handle any of your video replication or video transfer needs. CVP’s production director has over thirty years of experience in major market TV, DVD production, and online video. From producing video for the late Michael Jackson’s greatest hits “History” album to twice setting up a studio for George Bush to practice for the presidential debates. Creative Visual Productions has professionally produced more per-edited-minute of footage for clients than any other facility on the east coast.

Creative Visual Productions has been leaders in high-quality video, DVD, blu-ray and online video production services near me in Philadelphia and South Jersey since 1993. In today’s digital age, there are more applications for video than ever before. Whether you are aiming to create an amazing presentation for a tradeshow or looking for video production services near me for an integrated social media strategy to engage your clients, Creative Visual Productions offers a full range of corporate video services that will allow us to make your ideas come to life.

The 7 Best Kinds of Promotional Videos for your Business to put on YouTube or You Website:

  • 1) A Thirty Second TV Commercial
  • A thirty second TV commercial can be very effective if creatively produced and broadcasted during the right time to big audiences. You can run the commercial usually through your own cable company and they will have demographics on what programs would have the type of customer you are looking to engage. Most commercials have a professional voiceover, catchy music, motion graphics and an emotional story or message people will relate and react to on a regular basis. This video can also be placed on YouTube, your website and social media. The price of a thirty second commercial can range anywhere from $500 to $500,000.

  • 2) A One Minute Vidbi
  • A digital video ad professionally produced and optimized for online marketing. This new innovation can help articulate your message virtually through the world’s most persuasive medium of video making you stand out in today’s competitive business environment.

    Our new platform and format of 1 minute – 100 words is the hottest new marketing tool in cutting edge digital services. You are inside your Vidbi introducing yourself to potential clients and communicating what makes you and your company special. You get to elaborate on all your services by using Vidbi as your broadcasting device. You can add Vidbi to your websites, email, text messages, signature lines, and profiles of all your social media. The price of a Vidbi can range from $250 to $800.

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  • 3) Explainer Video
  • An explainer video is an edited video that explains a product, service or how something works.

    Explainer videos can be produced in several different styles. It could be an expert just speaking to you on camera. It could be a step by step process that shows video footage or pictures walking you through the process. It may also be narrated by a professional voiceover talent with music to make it more interesting and hold the viewers’ attention. Other styles could be animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos or news talk show style with an interviewer and interviewee. The length will usually range from two to seven minutes. The price of an explainer video usually ranges from $500 to $5000.

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  • 4) Promotional Video
  • This is a longer in-depth video that can focus on one product and service or it could encompass all the products and services a company offers. Most promotional videos will have a combination of professional voiceover, interview clips and motion graphics to quickly list and reinforce important content. It is a quick overview and showcase of your organization’s offerings or direct focus on one of those offerings. Once again music and customized branded logos and graphics usually run throughout the video. The cost of a promotional video usually ranges from $1000 to $5000.

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  • 5) Tasty Video
  • This is one of the newest styles of video. It started originally with the preparation of food videos.

    You are walked through a process of doing something with the footage sped up to save time and just communicate what must happen. Sometimes it may simply be put to music, other times a narrator will describe what is going on and other times it is even more in-depth with titles and graphics on screen giving step by step instructions. The cost of a tasty video can range from $100 to $1500.

  • 6) Direct Response Show
  • A direct response show can be a pre-produced show that has a phone number usually throughout the program so you can immediately purchase a product, service or immediately get more information. Direct response shows can be thirty to sixty minutes in length and come with a big price tag to produce in the $8000 to $50,000 range for a top notch production.

  • 7) Infomercial
  • An infomercial is a thirty or sixty minute program produced around one product or service.

    The show usually has stories of have this product or service has improved people’s lives. It also includes many testimonials of real people or paid actors telling us about their experience.

    It has regular tv commercials built into the program and each commercial may last up to two minutes. It is very similar to a direct response show. A twenty to thirty minute segment on a home shopping channel would also be a form of an infomercial.

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    • Whenever possible use your own footage and pictures to identify your brand.
    • Use customer testimonials-Nothing is more impactful then someone looking at the screen telling their story and how your product made their life better.
    • Always use energetic music in background-It makes the video seem shorter and helps hold the viewer’s attention.
    • Have people look right at camera speaking to the viewers
    • Use titles and graphics to reinforce important information.
    • You need something in first 8 seconds to wow them with otherwise they will tune-out.
    • Keep your sound-bites as short as possible-communicate a thought and be done.
    • Make sure graphics are readable, properly placed and there aren’t too many.
    • Use angles and perspectives that are interesting and try to change shots every four seconds.

    Creative Visual Productions a division of Creative Video does all the video conversion work in house at our West Deptford, NJ studio. Your tapes never leave our facility. Our pricing is based on length of videotape and the quantity of tapes you are having transferred to digital. CVP also offers mail-in service to serve customers around the country. For computer file transfers we can move the files onto an external hard drive, a USB stick, have you download them from our client FTP server or email them to you through WeTransfer. Creative Visual Productions also provides duplication services so you can get backup copies and additional copies for friends and family members so you don’t have to go far to find great video production services near me.

    Creative Visual Productions is a full service South Jersey studio covering all your multimedia needs since 1993. Leveraging their extensive backgrounds in advertising, design, video, tv, and web development, Creative Visual Productions’ staff is the team that can bring your vision to life. Our services include video production, website design and development, social media strategy, video transfers, Search Engine Optimization, e-commerce solutions, DVD duplication, graphic design, and brand creation. Our Content Outreach Program and Vidbi Video Business Card are new products that deliver timely interactive video content to websites, blogs, email signature lines and social media sites engaging visitors, potential customers, and clients. These platforms offer a turnkey search engine optimization system to get high search rankings on popular sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As a certified Google Partner, CVP is the trusted source in the Philadelphia area for Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, and Google Analytics management. CVP now has two product offerings that can get clients on the first page of Google search instantaneously. CVP has affordable services for any marketing budget. Our extensive video transfer service includes over ninety file and formats we can handle. Everything from broadcast videotapes to consumer home videos, cassettes, records and film converted to DVD and digital files. Professional quality with quick turnaround that saves you time and money. Let us create a campaign to broadcast your message to the masses. Schedule your free consultation today to get great video production services near me. Call 856-848-0046 or visit